Homepage/Builder's log for Cozy MKIV S/N: 1671

Ch 3 - Practice
Ch 4 - Fuse Bulkheads
Ch 5 - Fuse Sides
Ch 6 - Fuse Assy
Ch 7 - Fuse Exterior
Ch 8 - Headrests, Heat duct
Ch 9 - Main Landing Gear
Ch 10 - Canard
Ch 11 - Elevator
Ch 12 - Canard Install
Ch 13 - Nose Gear
Ch 14 - Centersection Spar
Ch 15 - Firewall
Ch 16 - Control System
Ch 17 - Trim
Ch 18 - Canopy
Ch 19 - Wings, Ailerons
Ch 20 - Winglets, Rudders
Ch 21 - Strakes, Fuel, Bags
Ch 22 - Electrical
Ch 23 - Engine
Ch 24 - Covers, Fairings
Ch 25 - Finishing
Ch 26 - Upholstery


The Cozy MKIV is a four place, canard-pusher configuration aircraft.  It is a derivative of the Long EZ originally designed by Burt Rutan, developed into a four place design by Nat Puffer. 

The entire aircraft is of composite fiberglass/epoxy construction, and powered by a 4-cylinder Lycoming engine.  It is capable of speeds of approximately 220 miles per hour, and altitudes of greater than 20,000 feet.  It has a range of over 1300 miles.  The Cozy MKIV has a proven safety record, with over twenty years in the air, and over 300 aircraft flying. Its lineage is impressive, following on the designs of the VariEze and LongEZ which have been flying since the 1970's demonstrating the performance and safety qualities of composite construction canard aircraft.

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I first decided to build a Cozy in 2011.  Its characteristics as a long-distance, cross-country aircraft is what attracted me to it most.  I do a considerable amount of personal air travel every year.  The Cozy offered me a practical use for my pilot's license and an opportunity to fly the same routes I fly commercially in my own aircraft.  Given the increasingly arduous restrictions and procedures for commercial air travel, the Cozy also affords me to travel point to point in about the same amount of time as commercial air travel, if not faster in some cases.  In 2012, I purchased Cozy MKIV plans #1671 from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company.  Finally, in fall 2015 after several stops and starts, we are getting this build underway.

On the following pages, I will document the construction of N451BX, for the purpose of FAA construction requirements, and also as a source of information for others interested in building a Cozy MKIV.  The information I have gained from other builder's sites has been invaluable, so I intend to contribute what I can as well.  Of course, this site and all material within comes with the disclaimer that I am not responsible for anyone's actions based on the information published here.