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Ch 6 - Empennage
Ch 7 - Wing
Ch 8 - Fuselage
Ch 9 - Canopy
Ch 10 - Landing Gear
Ch 11 - Engine
Ch 12 - Cowling
Ch 13 - Paint
Ch 14 - Weight and Balance
Ch 15 - Flight Testing


This page serves as a builder's log and information site to document the construction of my RV7A kit plane from Van's Aircraft. 

NOTE: As of 09/04/2020, the site is undergoing major renovations.  Page links may not work correctly.  Stay tuned for more frequent updates.

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I first decided to build an airplane in 2011.  I was looking for a long-distance cross country aircraft, as I do a considerable amount of personal air travel every year.  This would offer me me a practical use for my pilot's license and an opportunity to fly the same routes I fly commercially in my own aircraft.  Given the increasingly arduous restrictions and procedures for commercial air travel, affords me to travel point to point in about the same amount of time as commercial air travel, if not faster in some cases.  In 2012, I purchased plans for a Cozy MKIV.  Its an incredible cross country machine, but being all fiberglass construction, they are difficult to build unless you really enjoy being hot, itchy and stuck in the shop for hours on end to finish a layup. After several years of starts and stops, I discovered the RV7 and realized that it exceeded my goals for an aircraft, as it could work as both a cross-country platform, and capable of aerobatics.  The rivetted aluminum construction is also my preferred construciton, and you can literally work on it with whatever spare time you have, even if its only 5-10 minutes. 

On the following pages, I will document the construction of N451BX, for the purpose of FAA construction requirements, and also as a source of information for others interested in building an RV7.  The information I have gained from other builder's sites has been invaluable, so I intend to contribute what I can as well.  Of course, this site and all material within comes with the disclaimer that I am not responsible for anyone's actions based on the information published here.  As such, this site is presented publicly only for information and entertainment.